Important Notices and F.A.Q.s


* What do I wear to class? Comfortable stretchy clothes and a scarf to tie around your hips. It is easiest for your teacher to access your technique if she can see your legs and hips so long skirts are not advisable. Usually we have bare feet in class but ballet shoes or ‘foot paws’ are also fine. Bring a water bottle and a sense of fun!

* Can I come to a class even though the term has already started? Yes you can. As long as you understand that you may have missed out on some content in previous classes you are welcome to pop in and do casual lessons. Private lessons with Melusina are available if you would like to catch up on technique or choreography. Most Tribal classes, however are easiest to attend from the start of term so you can follow the structure of the format of moves. Contact Melusina if you would like more info.

* Do you have to be a certain age or fitness level to do Belly Dance? No, any age or fitness level is good for Belly Dance, that’s the beauty of it!

* I’ve never danced before, is that ok? Absolutely, Beginners Belly Dance takes you through everything in a step by step course that helps each individual grasp the technique and understand the musicality behind Egyptian dance each week. Belly Dance is generally a low impact dance form but still expect to sweat!

* Can men do your Belly Dance classes? Yes! Belly Dance is for everyone and I often teach men who are interested in the style. It is not unusual for men to Belly Dance, especially in the Middle East. Some of the best dancers and choreographers in the style are men.

* Are there opportunities for students to perform? Yes, there is a half year and end of year concert where students from Intermediate and Advanced levels get to learn and perform dances for an audience. These concerts are very popular and a fantastic way to strut your stuff in beautiful costumes!

* Does Melusina Perform? If so, where can I see her? Yes, Melusina has been performing Middle Eastern Dance for over 2 decades and is still a much sort after dancer around Australia and Internationally. She works most weekends dancing at concerts, festivals, corporate functions and parties. She is available for bookings at your own events where you can be assured of a polished, professional show. Melusina usually notifies students of any public shows coming up or you can check the Home Page for updates.

* Do Classes run on public holidays? No, classes do not run on public holidays. However, during the lead up to a concert some choreography classes may still have rehearsals on a public holiday.