Navel Gazers Belly Dance Teacher


Melusina’s performances have brought audiences to their feet and left them in tears, mesmerizing people worldwide with her powerful emotive presence, passionate musicality and impeccable technical skill. She has taken her love of Middle Eastern dance across interstate and international borders and captivated a diverse audience with performances that are an inspiring and breathtaking experience.Melusina is considered by many to be one of the most sought after and influential performers, instructors, and choreographers in Australia with a strong, world class presence in Orientale dance internationally. Her love of Middle Eastern dance began in the mid-1990s where the rhythmic accents, rippling undulations, and emotive gestures of Belly Dance consumed her life and led her to study it intensively over many years from many inspirational teachers. Her specialized interest in Classical Egyptian, Contemporary Belly Dance, and Tribal Fusion styles has led Melusina to frequently reinvent the dance. Her regular training in Ballet, Contemporary, and Latin dance enriches her technique and expands her knowledge of movement. Her innovative style continues to push the boundaries of Belly Dance whist still staying true to the authentic roots of Egyptian dance.

Navel Gazers Belly Dance Teacher based in Melbourne


Melusina has a double major Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University where she furthered her Middle Eastern Dance training. In 2006 Melusina travelled to America and Canada where she toured with renowned Tribal music band Solace. Whilst in the U.S. she also taught workshops, performed and took lessons with some of the leading American Belly Dancers like Jill Parker, Tiffany (from Suhalia Salimpour’s school), Paulette Rees Denis and Rachel Soto. In 2007 Melusina attended workshops in Egypt with some of the Egyptian Masters like Mohamed Reda and Aida Nour and she performed in Cairo. Melusina has also studied under Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Maria Harmer, Deb Rubin, Carolena Nericcio, Ava Fleming, Caroline Evanoff, Jillina, Heather Stants, and innumerable teachers in Australia.

Regarded as one of Australia’s foremost instructors and choreographers, Melusina is also known as one of the most generous and fun. She has taught in several countries and frequently travels around Australia teaching and performing her unique styles. She teaches at all the major dance festivals around Australia and New Zealand and has appeared on television, movies, music videos, concerts, and high profile corporate events. She was one of the principle dancers and teachers at Underbelly Dance since it began in 2000 where she taught weekly classes. She is artistic director and creator of the Tribal format, Red Belly Black, which she recently wrote a book about and she regularly performs with the professional Underbelly Dance Troupe. Melusina branched out in 2009 where she started her own business Navel Gazers Belly Dance.